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• Vinum et Caseus*

Ok! Let's imagine a wine & cheese bar or restaurant, something already relatively common, particularly in emerging countries on the wine world. I’m talking here of wine production or consumers on the more fast growing or traditionally demanding markets.

That will be not quite what this idea of today deals about. Let's think of a broader concept. Let's add to this initial base of a place to taste these two delicacies, wine and cheese - and not exclusively - also a kind of gourmet grocery store, in the reception and entrance hall for the remaining restaurant space. Just for getting mouths quickly watering with the perspective of what will follow...

After traversing this area, there will be another, with an informal and relaxed atmosphere, where we can then pass to the food and beverage tasting. Whose curiosity about the products has been wisely awakened and driven in the previous space.

This second area may not be very different from a typical wine bar or restaurant. Not being particularly devoted to a so called normal meals service, although it will be possible to study the inclusion of this functionality.

Now let’s think of a third area, the most innovative of all. That we will pompously designate as a "Gastronomic Spa".

This space will allow the enjoyment of the tranquility of a garden - covered in the colder times of the year - which will resemble that of an ancient Roman villa and manor. Equipped with small pools, jacuzzis, water games, massage areas, lawns sprinkled with puffs, arcaded galleries with chaises longues, in the ancient Rome style. And even more one can later think of to boost a fully relaxing experience.

In a line, we’re talking of a space where a man - and the entourage accompanying him - can feel like being a rich tribune of the Roman senate, with all the perks that one wishes to be pampered a day in our lifetime.

A haven where one allows his innermost and intimate dreams free to fly. And wake up to what hasn’t been dreamed yet.

This can be something that goes far beyond an ordinary catering service. It can be a beacon for the future trends of the restaurant business and high quality and innovative tourism.

It is not intended here to organize events like Roman orgies. As advertised on this poster here. Or even bacchanalias, like the event in this announcement here. But there must be something that will appeal to our hedonistic spirit constantly, as this famous international resort chain, whose website can be seen clicking here.

Activity programs will be very carefully studied to occupy an entire day at this particular spa. Not just a few hours but an entire day, living it like a great tzar would do it.

As for the core business, ie, products to buy and/or consume in this new and inspiring touristic concept, our wines and cheese... attempts will be made to present our king, the client, with product samples of everything that is done in any corner of the world. Since we live in a highly globalized market. And increasingly growing, still.

We will not fall into a patriotic temptation to give particular emphasis to domestic products. Even because this will prove to be unnecessary, perhaps. Portuguese wines and cheese will show up to be not at all diminished in comparison with the same products from the rest of the world. Quite the opposite, in fact, we’re sure about this.

We will not highlight as well the more exclusive and expensive wines and cheese. This gastronomic spa is not intended to captivate those who are the greatest experts in these products. Those who can say, just by smelling a simple cork removed from a wine bottle, from what vineyards and what year is the nectar they are tasting.

We intend to release even a certain snobbery from the ambiance of this spa. It has to be a place where any neophyte won’t feel uncomfortable, by all means.

We mainly want this to be a place where one can experience new stuff. Curiosities. Products from the more unusual or unexpected sources. That we will search for, in a continuous, non-stop manner.

That is, realizing a little more, wines widely less known due to their origins. Such as Japan, Brazil, China, Moldova, India, the Middle East, Uzbekistan, Canada, Crimea and the Caucasus region, where it is agreed that the vineyard planting for wine production was born. Or lesser known beverage varieties. Like Eiswein (ice wine) or the most recent sushi wine.

Or the more unusual cheese. As Juustoleipa, also known as the finnish bread cheese, made mostly ​​from reindeer milk. Which people will find, with some surprise, particularly suited to be grilled, because it does not melt. It just gets caramelized with heat. And it's to be devoured as a dessert, along with jam and sweets.

And there’s no way for us to be limited to wines and cheese. There’s a whole range of other beverages, alcoholic or not, which may be welcome in this spa concept. Like for instance beer, cider, mead and other spirits, plain grape juice, sodas and rare mineral waters. And bread, which takes so many forms and flavors in this world. And fine charcuterie. Seafood. Sushi. And etc. .

And not forgetting, of course, the dessert chapter. Like chocolate, a product par excellence to match dessert wines. And some lesser known delights made with wine. As Sagu, from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Or Port wine ice cream. Or the locally so called convent pâtisserie. And etc., once more.

This is, in a short abstract, one of my favorite business ideas, came from my alleged prolific imagination.

* Wine and cheese, in latin.

Author's note: this is a remake of another post in this blog, formerly written in portuguese. I decided to re-write it in english in order to a wider public audience be able to read this concept. Some people out there in the big whole world may find this a perfectly astounding business idea, I hope. Seriously.

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