domingo, 12 de janeiro de 2014

• I need a job, now!

That’s right. I need a job, right now!

I need a job because I’m sick of feeling to be useless. Of not fitting in this society that has begun to tell us with statistic studies that we are not all needed to keep the global economy pumping. That perhaps 40% of all the actual unemployed people will not return ever to the job market, until the end of their lives.

And I need a job NOW also because I have to get some money in my pockets. To feed myself. And to pay my damn bills. The few ones I still have.

While I was busy doing my regular job search, even with added enthusiasm induced by one of these unemployed people motivational conventions, I missed to give proof once of my professional inactivity to our welfare system. Who used to pay me some money to stay alive during this stupid social economic storm. But that now are menacing me of going to cut that small but essential help.

Like it would be normal, I’m trying to find a better job than the ones I had before. A more sustainable job. A more pleasant one, as well. And also more rewarding, for sure. Not just in terms of salary but of fringe benefits and everything else that matters to me. Which would be, for instance, to have an ideal stress-free working environment. Or to work on something that can really matter for the world and the human race progress. In a word, to be happy on my job.

And this is why one of my strongest bets on this job search strategy that I planned is to try to work in the future on functions like hotel receptionist. Mainly small hotels. And in pleasant countrysides. With these fine touristic landscapes.

But I can easily too be a shepperd. Or a wine or cheese maker. Or of other artisanal products, like cider, beer, bread, red fruits, vegetables or flowers. Or work in spas, healing people with my massage skills. Or being a tennis teacher for kids. Or a travel correspondent to any media business that would sponsor this activity.

Or a blogger or a photographer or a graphic designer and artworker, all these being activities that I do on a freelance basis, nowadays. In a not so greatly sustainable way, until now...

I once knew on the internet about a curious fact concerning the job market in China for foreigners. Which was like this: major corporations in China were hiring americans and europeans, mainly white people, to expose them on their headquarters buildings halls, on spaces open to public. Because this is a status sign for chinese companies. They say in this manner that they are big enough to seduce foreigners to work for them.   

But I could be even just a volunteer to any NGO, like Unesco or EWB, Engineers Without Borders. If I would not have to worry about retirement issues. Or the fatal final period of our lives. If we all already could live on this Unconditional Basic Income (UBI), a recent initiative of citizens to be evaluated by the European Commission, which should have to submit this important social big step to the future of our society to the approval of the European Parliament.

Folks, you who might be reading these lines, please help me. Please put me to challenges. Please invite me to go and help you in your local businesses, there where you live. 

It can well be In Bali, Andorra, Okinawa, Astana, Kitsault, Rio Grande do Sul, Antarctica, San Carlos de Bariloche, Muscat and Oman, the Reunion island, Baku, Sanya, the Dolomites, Costa Rica, Samarkand, the UAE, Switzerland, Goa, Corpus Christi, Iceland, São Tomé e Príncipe, etc.. And a few other places in this world I might remember later. I'll stay with a widely open mind about this. I just wish to find a good place where I could release my until now saved creative potential and work force. At your service. In a win-win situation.