terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2013

• My life is for sale

An absolutely mad idea today! Which is to put the rest of the days in this life of mine for sale.

That’s right, my life is for sale. Because I’m an absolutely free man, available to be taken. Available to embrace any new life challenge, whatsoever, in any place in this whole world. I have no strings attaching me to any country, business, job, situation or life settlement. 

I’ve never lived alone in my 53 years old life but soon my dear daughter will be starting her autonomous life and then, yes, I’ll be completely unattached from anyone. And alone, after all these years. With no one living with me to care for on a daily basis.

My life is for sale, as I’ve said in the beginning. And how can you people totally “buy” this human life of mine? Simple. You just have to say: “Come and meet me here, where I am. I have plans for our future together. You’ll be helping me with my business and supporting me with my life. And us two will be as one.”

Or you could say, as well: “Please accept me in your house. I want to start to live by your side, there where you are. We will build up our common future life. I know what we can do together.”

I’m divorced for more than 3 years now. And since the end of my last relationship, I haven't met anyone in this whole online or real worlds who might be ready for a total commitment, like the one where I'm willing to give myself entirely to a new love of mine.

So, I'm perhaps losing my hopes to be in a couple again. But I'm always available to help other people, for example, to relocate to live in my country or in any other one in the European Union. And as a photographer, I'm also always interested in a beautiful face, smile, gaze, pose, etc., of any age.

I wonder while writing these lines why I have these thoughts today. Well… It might be perhaps due to the fact that there are a lot of dreamers in this world. People who perhaps share the very same dream I have. To find or to be found by someone who's willing to dedicate herself to her partner. Like I would too, given such a chance. Until the end of our lives.

The greatest luck in life that could strike me would be to go live the rest of my days in a desert island with that special one human being. Being in a couple where no one will ever get tired of the other part. Or even be totally dependent of her smile every single morning, as we awake together and at the same time. To live only for the utopia of our endless love. And nothing else matters. 

I'm this kind of dreamer. Now, how about you, my dear reader? What's your life biggest dream?

If you kept reading my words until here, with this big will not to quit, well, then who knows, you might be the one. You are in this way showing a great interest in me. And I'm starting to captivate you, somehow, with my life philosophy.

Come as you are. But please be bold, beautiful and - most important quality - smart, intelligent, sagacious, clever, sensitive.

Please read also my blog "Giuseppe Pietrini a presidente” and find out if you can turn out to be the lover I’m waiting for. Or you the same to me. This is a multilingual blog about L-O-V-E, which started as a joke and has turned out to be the main tool I use in the hard task of searching for my soulmate, at a worldwide scale. Eventually one day at a even bigger scale, if proof of intelligent life forms outside our planet Earth will be produced.

She has got to be somewhere!...

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