segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2011

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I joined the Couch Surfing site community maybe a year ago, more or less.

We are now on the occasion of Christmas, almost in every corner of the world. Since more than 2011 years ago, there was a couple who gave birth to a child that became famous. Enough to make millions of people today remember his birthdate.

He was born when his parents were doing something that may resemble, in the light of our time, as... couch surfing.

In fact, Joseph and Mary were traveling and had to appeal to some people for their hospitality. They were allowed to stay in a stable, like shown in the painting above. Where Mary took a break from the hardships of travel and gave birth to Jesus.

In the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Israel, there is a visited spot - shown in the photo below - which should be sacred, not only to Christians but to globetrotter travelers as well. At this place, two of the most renowned couch surfing pioneers, as a couple, taught us all that giving our hospitality to those who need it can turn this world a better place for many years after.

When one of us will host at his house a good man and his woman who volunteered for the night, no one can tell if we are not in this way helping this couple to offer a second Christ to our humanity.

Merry Christmas
to all of you, my dear readers.

2 comentários:

Chinezzinha disse...

linda mensagem de Natal.
um excelente Natal para ti.:)

Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

Chinezzinha, não era suposto isto ser a minha mensagem de Natal... foi tão-só um pensamento que me assaltou o espírito e que me fez associar a Sagrada Família aos couch surfers da actualidade. Que já recebi em minha casa e que ainda espero continuar a receber.

Se Maomé não vai até à montanha, a montanha vai até Maomé. Ou por outra, enquanto eu não for dar a minha volta ao mundo, vem o mundo inteiro visitar-me no meu lar, quais reis magos pós-modernos...

FELIZ NATAL pa'ti!... ;-)
e um beijim!