sábado, 16 de janeiro de 2016

• I love airports

…and major train stations. And expresso buses terminals. And big ship harbours. And so on.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the enough money to even start all those trips around this whole world that I dream about.

And I have to rebuild my life from scratch. Financially, I’m broke. Like so many genius are at some point of their lives.

So, this post is kind of
my message in a bottle”.

I should put my best skills to work for me one day!… But what can I do, I ask myself several times…

Basically,I see myself as an ideas bank - some of them are already described in this blog, others are still in the drawers of my mind - and a bit visionairy. That’s what I honestly think. And I'm not afraid of any judgements anyone can make of my words.

What I have to “sell” - or better said, what I only know how to sell - it’s just this little me. Me, my time, my workforce and my ideas. Which are genuine. Brand new fresh ones. Not from anyone else's minds.

Ideas not yet tested. Not yet thought. Ideas that could rise to a mind like Steve Jobs had.

Ideas that this world is greatly in need. Disruptive ideas.

Among all my ideas exposed in this blog, there's two main new business concepts, which are:
  • The small hotel de charme and restaurant of the future, a gastronomic Spa or the natural evolution of typical wine and cheese bars, summarily described here.
  • A sports entertainment services company for hotel guests and sporting goods megastores, summarily described here.
I have a challenge to put to all you people who might be reading this...

Send me an airline ticket and I'll be with you tomorrow.

I’d love to present you my ideas. And conceive others while listening to yours, as well. And we would give birth to new big ideas together.

Let's talk and think together if we can do something, both of us. What we can do. Where we can go and how we can do it.

I'll pay you back working for you while I will be with you folks, wherever may you live in this whole world.

I will go anywhere! If there will exist dreamers like me over there on those parts.

Japan or Korea would be nice... I wish to experience living in a society like the one in the land of the rising sun or in the country of the calm morning.

Or some nordic countries, like Finland, Sweden or Denmark. I admire their way of life. Or perhaps mostly, an energetic fresh blooded and dynamic brand new democracy, Estonia. Or the other Baltic countries.

Or the Czech Republic. Or Switzerland. Or Canada, in the new world. Mostly in its province of Quebec. Which can one day be independent.

Of course too, in places where people dream really big. And money flows more than anywhere else. Like the so obvious United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain...

But also Oman, Kazakhstan (Astana, said to be the world's weirdest capital city) and Turkmenistan (yes, they have this ambition of building the Dubai of the Caspian Sea, at Avaza). And the always tempting empire of the middle, China...

Yes, these would be great places to go and relive. And this is not at all a closed list yet.

I’m 55 years old now. But I feel to be young. Thanks to an angel - not exactly a "business angel", although that is what she wants to be with me - that recently crossed my life. And to whom I will be eternally grateful for having showed me who I am.

As I said in the beginning, I have to rebuild my life from scratch. I will do it for my sake. And for hers, too. I owe her this.

I’d like to think I'm just starting now to spread my wings.

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Lucélia Muniz França disse...

Te enviei um convite no diHITT!!! Seguindo teu Blog!!! Um abraço!!!

Giuseppe Pietrini disse...

Eu vi, cara Lucélia. Obrigado pela manifestação do seu interesse. Também chequei o seu blog.

Um abraço.